Hyung-tae Kim

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equilibro3 Hyung-tae Kim is a successful artist of Korean origins, well known for his contributions to the video game industry, thanks to this work in the field and the characters that he created for games like the War of Genesis or Magna Carta, which were released by Softmax. Hyung-tae Kim was born in Seoul, Korea, in February, 1978.

His first work in the video games industry was done in the background music field, but he eventually moved on to design. In time he also did work for comic books, both as a contributor to Udon street fighter comics and as an artist that did guest covers.

Right now, Hyung-tae Kim is part of the NCsoft Korean company and working on the Blade & Soul MMORPG, which is a fantasy game with Asian martial arts that is heavily influenced by the Korean culture. Even though he is the art director for the game, Hyung-tae Kim still does most of artwork which is released to promote the game.

At the same time, it seems that Hyung-tae Kim is working with SoftMax as well, as some of the characters from Magna Carta 2 which were released to the public are designed by him.

The style used by Hyung-tae Kim for his artwork is called manhwa. Hyung-tae Kim basically draws his characters while disregarding the accuracy of the human anatomy, choosing to go after a certain feel for the character that he’s working on. He tends to exaggerate the female look and he promotes the masculinity. Usually his characters will be designed somewhere between the emphasis that the Western artists place on details and muscles and the minimal lines used by Japanese artists. He chooses to create a character that looks as appealing as possible, even though that might mean that they’re designed in a way that has little in common with the way a real human looks like. The curves on his characters feel right, but they don’t always have real world logic.